Preventing Family and Individual Homelessness

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Our Mission

The Bridge Fund’s mission is to prevent family and individual homelessness by providing financial assistance and counseling to people at risk of losing their homes or apartments. The Bridge Fund provides zero-interest loans and counseling to those that are at risk of eviction due to job loss or reduction, domestic violence, major illness and family break-up, among other causes.


  • TBOFM assists several hundred people each year. Many of these are children who might otherwise end up in shelters. The stories of these families and individuals are unique and wonderful and illustrate how with some help, homelessness can be prevented.
  • TBOFM forged a unique relationship and secured funding with the Housing Opportuniy Program (part of the The Phillips Brooks House) at Harvard College to train undergraduate students to assist TBFOM in providing no-interest loans and counseling to prevent homelessness in the community.
  • The Utility Fund, which provides assistance with energy bills, helps dozens of existing clients each year, primarily during the fall and winter months.
  • The Bridge Fund developed alliances with numerous partner agencies who, along with the TBFOM provide counseling to our clients to ensure continued success.
  • The Life Enrichment Program enhanced the lives of many Massachusetts families by funding experiences many would otherwise forego while struggling to meet basic needs.

Client Stories


Rhonda is a single working mom who struggles to make ends meet each month. Just prior to the holidays she called to ask if there are any programs that might assist her in obtaining Christmas gifts for her daughters. Through the Life Enrichment program we were able to give her $150.00 dollars in gift certificates to Marshalls and Toys-R-Us. This little bit of assistance made the holiday season a much happier one for this family.


Donna is also a single mom who is currently unemployed because she is caring for her chronically ill daughter and her mother who is dying of pulmonary disease. When I asked Donna if there was something special that she would like to do as a family, she promptly responded, “Yes! We can never afford to go out for a meal or see a movie.” The Life Enrichment Program gave Donna a $75.00 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant of her choice and a $25.00 dollar gift certificate to the movies. (We also leveraged an additional $250.00 dollars worth of Christmas gifts from a local church for Donna and her family.)

The Beck Family

The Beck family relocated from Virginia for two reasons. First, to get away from an abusive husband, and second, to obtain better medical treatment for one of her three children who needed a kidney transplant. Although Mrs. Beck obtained a Section 8 Certificate, the BHA would not allow her to move into the apartment until April 1st. The landlord, on the other hand, agreed to let her move in early, but required her to pay the market-value rent of $1,500. Her total monthly income was only $1,400, making that impossible. Through the help of TBFOM and another agency, Mrs. Beck was able to move into her new apartment early, thereby providing a healthy, stable environment for her children and herself.

The Simmons Family

Ms. Simmons is a hardworking mother with two young girls. She works as a human service provider. She recently had surgery and was out of work for two months, exhausting all of her vacation and sick time benefits. As a result she fell behind on her rent of $1,200 and was threatened with eviction. With the help of TBFOM, the Simmons family remains stable and housed. She is now fully recovered from her surgery and is back at work.

The Andrews Family

The Andrews family came to Boston on a medical visa because her two children were severely burned in a fire. Ms. Andrews immediately found employment as a babysitter, however the family she was employed by moved to New York. Until this time, Ms. Andrews was managing her $900/month rent. While between jobs, she became behind on her rent by two months. She has since found employment and can once again pay her monthly rent, but needed assistance with the rental arrears of $1,800. With the help of TBFOM and another organization, this family has remained housed and her children are still undergoing intensive treatment for their burns.

Dawn and Michael

Eighteen months ago, Dawn and her children became clients of The Bridge Fund. When Dawn’s rent jumped from $1,500 to $1,900 she could no longer afford her small dingy Dorchester apartment and was soon threatened with eviction. Upon learning of Dawn’s plight, The Bridge Fund provided her with the resources to secure a more affordable apartment.

The Bridge Fund maintained regular contact with Dawn, and found out that her son Michael received a full scholarship to a summer camp for the arts. As it turns out, Michael is an exceptionally gifted child, both academically and as an artist. Through our Life Enrichment Program, Michael will be provided with all the supplies he needs to pursue his gift for drawing and painting, and we wish him all the best!