Preventing Family and Individual Homelessness

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All applicants must be referred by a provider. Do not call directly.


The Bridge Fund of Massachusetts provides financial relief and comprehensive services to families referred through social services agencies who are at risk of eviction.


Referrals are made by a wide range of agencies including: family, individual and battered women’s shelters, hospitals, housing authorities and housing agencies, elder services agencies, religious institutions, and community organizations.


Meeting personally with each client referred, provides the important basis for our comprehensive and successful services. Staff conduct a thorough assessment of the family or individual’s situation and together a plan is made for financial assistance and services to avert the eviction and to ensure that the client is able to maintain their housing in the future.


A broad range of services are provided by staff including budget counseling and financial planning, education and career planning, parenting and child development counseling, household and life skills training. Advocacy for healthcare, childcare, and legal issues is provided as well as referrals to outside agencies for other supportive services.

Financial Assistance
and Housing Mediation

No-interest loans are made to clients in order to prevent eviction or in some cases mortgage foreclosure. Repayment plans are developed for each client based upon their financial situation and may require payments ranging from $5 per month to $100 per month. For elderly or clients on fixed incomes, grants are often made as these budgets often do not provide enough money for clients to pay back the loan.

Life Enrichment Program

Founded in 2003 by the Elain Gorbach Levine Charitable Foundation, the Life Enrichment Program serves existing clients of TBFOM, providing grants to families to support and enhance the lives of children and families. Funding is used for ballet and music lessons, art classes, sports programs, or any other training program or activity that will promote healthy child development. For many families these lessons and activities are part of the daily routine of life, but for low-income families who are struggling to pay rent, utilities, food and clothing, these activities for their children are not possible. Supporting a child during the critical development years is important, impacting self-esteem as well as a child's academic performance.

Through the generosity of the Elaine Gorbach Levine Charitable Foundation, the Life Enrichment Program has come to the rescue by making a significant and life-changing difference in the lives of many families.